Why Do People Do Fad Diets?

Why Do People Do Fad Diets?

Everywhere you look there are advertisements or commercials talking about a new fad diet that will make you lose 10 or even 20 pounds in one week. But is that possible? It could be possible that fad diets will take off your weight quickly, but in all reality this weight is simply water weight. Once you go back to eating regularly and beginning your regular diet again, most if not all of your weight you thought you lost will return.

Fad diets not only are usually unsuccessful, but they are also extremely bad for your body and yet people still keep trying them despite all the negative diet reviews. Your body needs vitamins and nutrients to be active and work properly. Crash dieting takes out all nutritional value you get from your everyday foods, this makes your body tired and weak and unable to perform regular tasks to your full extent. Fad diets often consist of cutting massive amounts of calories, carbs, and even protein. Being on a fad diet over a long period of time starves your body and could cause serious health problems later on.

When you get on the scale during a fad diet and notice you’ve lost two pounds in one day, this is not fat loss, this is usually water weight lost, or even muscle lost from the lack of nutrients. Many people who are desperate to lose weight quickly turn to fad diets, and for those who have tried it once, will most likely never do it again. Losing weight so quickly may seem like a fantasy to a lot of dieters, but the reality is the weight loss is not a permanent solution, and it will be easily gained back once the dieter begins to regularly eat.
There is a more positive and healthy way to lose weight.

Though healthy eating and exercise won’t make you lose so much weight in such a short amount of time, it will be a more permanent solution and a much healthier way to lose weight. A proper diet may mean something different to everyone, but in every healthy diet there should always be a significant amount of whole grains, vegetables, fruits, and minimal processed foods. These foods give you the energy you need to thrive and exercise. Exercise is also an extremely large part of a regularly healthy diet. Exercise doesn’t always have to be a negative, as long as you are active and doing an exercise you enjoy, exercising and dieting can be an extremely positive and life changing experience.

Fad diets may seem like a dream come true, and many individuals partake in them for fast results with little effort. But in all reality fad diets are unhealthy for your body, and also unhealthy for your overall well-being.