The Importance of Being Earnestly Organic

The Importance of Being Earnestly Organic

I have written on why our family tries to purchase and/or grow organics previously,but thought the topic worth revisiting. There has been a lot of news flying around about pesticides and it’s link to health problems in children. The most recent article I stumbled upon was from “Pesticides in Food linked to ADHD in Kids.”I recommend reading the article,but in summary:

  • “This study looked at organophosphates in particular,ones designed to attack the neurological systems of pests (unfortunately,they harm humans,too).”
  • “Children with substantially higher levels of a breakdown product of neurotoxic organophosphate pesticides were twice as likely to be diagnosed with ADHD.”
  • ”It’s been shown that people who switch to an organic diet knock down the levels of pesticide by-products in their urine by 85 to 90 percent.”

Their conclusion? Eat organic and use organic garden and pest control methods to reduce your families (especially your children’s) exposure to pesticides.

My reaction? About time! There are many “natural moms”out there that have been touting the benefits of organics for decades. It just seems like common sense. The benefits of using organic products is primarily the reduction of toxins ingested such as:pesticides,synthetic additives,hormones,antibiotics. The less toxins ingested by our children means less stress on little bodies;and therefore increased nutrients and absorption. Not to mention the same ecological benefits. Purchasing and growing organic foods is also a way to introduce good stewardship principles to our children. You do not get always get as many choices and everything you want,when you want it,which is also a good lesson in moderation and patience.

As a family living within a budget we can not buy everything we eat organic,so I rely on the EWG Shopper’s Guide to Pesticides (also available as an APP). We never buy an item on the Dirty Dozen List unless it is organic or we know the farmers. I always buy items on the Clean Fifteen List conventional (non-organic) to save money with one exception. We only buy organic corn to avoid GMOs or genetically modified organisms. (For more information on how to avoid GMOs click these links to the Non-GMO Projects Shopping Guide and True Food Network Non-GMO Shopping Guide. You can also download their Apps.) For all the others,I try to buy organic or from a local farmer I trust. If I can’t get them there,we do without. For more information on the reasons to purchase organics,the Environmental Working Group (EWG) has put together this great list of Frequently Asked Questions and Answers about Produce and Pesticides.

Many a book/blog/article has been written about the benefits of organics,so I am going to cut this short and leave you with a few links to previous posts addressing this and related issues:

Please let me know why you choose organics for your family!